Adding a Brick Fireplace to Your Home

by Anna Dunstan

Posted on October 20, 2022 9:24 AM

Adding a Brick Fireplace to Your Home

Brick fireplaces are very popular choice when it comes to updating one’s home décor. A brick fireplace will elevate your home décor to the next level! A brick fireplace is also one of those additions that can fit in with any décor, whether it is a minimalist aesthetic or farmhouse chic. There are plenty of beautiful brick colors to choose from at Cherokee Brick. If you can’t decide on one of our brick colors, we can create a custom brick color for you as well.

Now is the perfect time to get your house ready for the chilly winter months. The best thing about a brick fireplace is that it is functional, yet stylish too, and something that will add value to your home for the years to come. Brick is also an extremely durable choice when adding a feature like a fireplace into your home.

A brick fireplace is usually the center point of a room and a place for gathering. There’s nothing else quite like sitting by the brick fireplace during the holiday season.

The mantle is also a great place to showcase your home décor, or just to add character to a room. A lot of people use their brick fireplace as an entertainment center for their TVs, especially if a mantle is included in your brick fireplace project.

Check out some of our previous brick fireplace projects from Cherokee Brick:

Augusta Brick with Antique Buff

This brick project features both indoor and outdoor brick fireplaces! The Augusta brick color is a staple in the Georgia Classic brick collection at Cherokee Brick Company.


Cobblestone Brick with Old Colonial

From floor to ceiling, this beautiful indoor brick fireplace was revamped with one of our favorites from the Georgia Classic brick collection, Cobblestone brick color. Cobblestone brick with old colonial brick mortar compliments this cozy cottage feel. 

Brookhaven Brick with Ivory

Yet another popular choice from our Georgia Classic brick collection, Brookhaven brick color was used for this stunning indoor brick project. Notice the difference between the brick insert and the outer brick used to create contrast in this contemporary home. 

Adding a brick fireplace to your home can bring a room back to life! Brick adds character and warmth to a room. It is never too late to add a brick fireplace to your living room or den, or even your bedroom! Completing an indoor brick project is not as difficult as it may seem. Here at Cherokee Brick your local brick supplier, has you covered on all your brick needs no matter the color, shape, or style. 

All of our brick is sure to enhance any building project. In addition to being versatile our Classic Collection provide memorable results, utilizing our unique range of textures and characteristics to make your structure truly one of a kind because our brick comes in a wide array of colors including reds, browns, earth-tones, and pinks. Another key point is all of our brick is available in queen, modular, engineer, thin brick and even custom sizes.  

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