Antique Red

Creating functional, yet beautiful structures, our Architectural brick collection offer exceptional durability and a consistent color range for commercial projects.

Available in both smooth or velour texture, this collection comes in a wide range of colors, including pastels, earthtones, grays, and black. Don’t settle for anything less than quality bricks that are going to stand the test of time and provide structural and visual appeal to your home or business for years to come. While reclaimed bricks might hold a special place for you in terms of the perfect brick look, you will run into a plethora of issues. Low structural integrity, exaggerated pricing, and a very limited availability, given the popularity of the look, are just a few of the concerns. Instead, you can side with Cherokee Brick, pick from our architectural brick collection, and get an amazing classic and reclaimed look while getting a sturdy and attractive product.

Where to Buy

Photos are only meant to represent color range, photos of brick will look different in sun or shade and depending on what color mortar it is paired with. Also, if there is a smear or a lime wash this can make the brick look entirely different. Please see a sample of the brick or brick in the wall before making final decisions.