Benefits of Interior Brick

by Anna Dunstan

Posted on January 3, 2023 8:32 AM

Benefits of Interior Brick

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Brick isn’t just for the exterior of your home.

You can use brick in your kitchen, dining room, bedroom, mudroom and even as flooring! What could bring together your home better than adding the same brick from the exterior of your home to the interior? This brick can be cut from the same run of brick you use on your home, so there will be no color discrepancies. Just think of the warmth and depth that brick can create even as an archway, or the floor of your mudroom. Classic, elegant, extremely durable, and easy to keep clean.

Interior brick is always trending when it comes to styling your home. Having brick on the inside of your home can be modern or traditional… it is timeless! Some popular interior brick trends include brick archways, brick fireplaces, brick accent walls, or even brick steps.  Cherokee Brick, your local brick manufacturer, has more brick colors than you can imagine for brick projects. Let’s check out some benefits of incorporating brick for the interior of your home!

The Style of Brick

As mentioned earlier, the types of styles you can achieve with interior brick are limitless. For example, you can incorporate Cobblestone brick color for a cottage style home; Antique white for a contemporary look; or Andersonville brick color for a traditional brick fireplace! Your local brick manufacturer Cherokee Brick can create thin brick, which is typically used for interior brick projects, out of any color you choose. 

The Upkeep of Brick

Brick is perhaps the most durable building material, so the upkeep of an interior brick project is minimal! You can clean interior bricks by simply mixing water and vinegar in a spray bottle and using a sponge. Unless your interior brick project is featured in your kitchen or used as flooring in the mudroom, you typically do not need to have a cleaning schedule for your interior brick project!

Go Green with Cherokee Brick 

Using bricks from local brick manufacturer Cherokee Brick for the inside of your home is a great way to go green! Natural and plentiful, brick is an environmentally responsible choice. Cherokee bricks are made from natural resources such as clay and shale abundantly found in Georgia and Mississippi. Because they come directly from the Earth, bricks are completely inert and endlessly recyclable. This reduces the need for extraction of raw materials and the amount of material that goes to landfills. Cherokee Brick also has a zero-waste production method with strategically placed brick yards for the purpose of reducing emissions! 

Interior brick projects are stylish, easy, durable, and a great way to reduce your carbon footprint! These are only some of the benefits of incorporating brick into your home—for more information about why brick is the best material to use for both the exterior and interior of your home, click here. 

Cherokee Brick is your local brick manufacturer in Macon, Georgia. However, you can purchase Cherokee Brick products at multiple locations throughout the country! If you are not in Macon and need to find where to buy Cherokee Brick, visit our “where to buy” page to find your local retailer. 

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