Matching the Brick Color to the Building Style

Posted on July 24, 2023 2:51 PM

Brick, with its rich history and enduring appeal, offers a wide range of colors that can be utilized to create diverse architectural styles. Each brick color possesses its own unique character, and when chosen thoughtfully, can harmonize with the overall design of a building. Cherokee Brick has a diverse palette, highlighting the significance of brick color selection in architectural design.

Traditional Red Brick: Velour Classic Red

The quintessential red brick has stood the test of time, symbolizing tradition and authenticity. Their warm, earthy tones make them a popular choice for buildings with a traditional or colonial architectural style. From historic houses and universities to charming townhouses, red bricks exude a sense of warmth, charm, and timeless elegance.

Earthy Browns: Antique Hard Tan

Brick colors in shades of brown, ranging from light tan to deep chocolate, lend a rustic and earthy appeal to architectural designs. These hues are often found in buildings that embrace a natural aesthetic, such as country homes, cabins, and structures inspired by craftsman or prairie architectural styles. Brown bricks evoke a connection to nature, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Creamy Beiges: Ansley Park Georgia Classic

Beige bricks offer a more subdued and neutral color option, suitable for buildings that aim for a refined and understated elegance. These bricks blend effortlessly with a variety of architectural styles, including Georgian, Federal, and Mediterranean designs. The soft, creamy tones of beige bricks exude sophistication and timelessness, adding a touch of class to any structure.

Cool Grays: Brookhaven

In recent years, gray bricks have gained popularity for their contemporary and sleek appearance. These cool-toned bricks work exceptionally well in modern and industrial-style buildings, contributing to a minimalist aesthetic. From sleek urban apartments to cutting-edge commercial spaces, gray bricks provide a clean and understated backdrop, allowing other architectural elements to take center stage.

Bold Blacks: Velour Black

While less common, black bricks can create a powerful and striking visual impact when used sparingly or as accent features. Black brickwork can be found in buildings with a modern or avant-garde design approach, where the intention is to make a bold and dramatic statement. The deep, rich black hue adds a sense of mystery and sophistication to the overall architectural composition.

Unique Colors: Expressing Individuality

Beyond the traditional brick colors, there is a world of possibilities for creating unique and personalized buildings. Custom brick colors can be manufactured to suit specific design visions, enabling architects and builders to experiment with hues that reflect their artistic expression. These custom colors can be employed in a range of building styles, from eclectic residential designs to vibrant commercial spaces.

The diverse spectrum of brick colors offers architects and builders a vast array of options to match the character of a building to its architectural style and desired atmosphere. Whether opting for the classic allure of red, the rustic charm of earthy browns, the subtle sophistication of creamy beiges, the contemporary coolness of grays, the dramatic statements of blacks, or the freedom of custom colors, each brick color brings its own unique essence to the architectural design. By selecting the right brick color, architects and builders can infuse a structure with personality, creating an aesthetic that is both visually appealing and in harmony with its surroundings.