Old Towne / Ivory

Old Towne

Old Towne is a great mixture of reds, black with a white pop of color truly a breathtaking brick in our Classic Collection. All of our brick is sure to enhance any building project. In addition to being versatile our Classic Collection provide memorable results, utilizing their unique range of textures and characteristics to make your structure truly one of a kind because our brick comes in a wide array of colors including reds, browns, earth-tones, and pinks. Another key point is all of our brick are available in queen, modular, engineer, thin brick and even custom sizes. Call us today to discuss your building or home project and let us help you find the perfect brick. Contact Us

Photos are only meant to represent color range, photos of brick will look different in sun or shade and depending on what color mortar it is paired with. Also, if there is a smear or a lime wash this can make the brick look entirely different. Please see a sample of the brick or brick in the wall before making final decisions. 

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  • Old Towne / Ivory
    Old Towne / Ivory