Painting vs Staining Brick

by Anna Dunstan

Posted on September 21, 2022 3:08 PM

If you have a brick home or have incorporated brick into the interior design of your home, you might wonder if you can ever change it if needed! No worries, Cherokee Brick has you covered with the information you need when it comes to changing the look of brick or the brick colors.

As a brick supplier near you, a common question we get regarding brick is whether you should paint brick or stain it. 

So, what is best for brick?

Here are some benefits and setbacks of painting and staining brick for your home. 

Painting Brick

If you decide to paint brick, you need to make sure you have a quality paint product over the top of the brick surface in order to create a protective layer from the elements. 

Some benefits of painting brick are that it is a cheap option to update the look of your home, if you happen to have an older home that needs a more modern look. The flat finish creates an opaque look, which gives you a fresh updated appearance. As a brick supplier, we often see people using white paint to paint over brick for a more modern or contemporary look.

On the flip side, painting brick takes a no maintenance product like brick and creates a maintenance product. Since brick wasn’t intended to be painted, you will have to continuously paint the brick because it will chip and peel. Another downside is you are covering the brick with paint and that stops the brick from being able to breathe. Brick needs to breathe so it expels moisture from the walls. Painting brick traps the moisture in the walls and eventually this can create problems. More often than not you will have to retouch paint regularly to keep it looking it’s best. 

Staining Brick 

As a brick supplier, Cherokee Brick takes pride in the quality of brick we sell and one of the reasons we have such great quality control is that comes directly from our brick yard! That is why we think it is a better option to stain brick, in order to maintain the integrity of the texture and overall look of brick. 

Stain does not cover the entire mortar or brick color. Rather, the brick stain seeps into the pores to change the brick colors. The benefit of this is no chipping and peeling like there would be if you decided to paint the brick, and you get to keep the texture and color of the lines between the bricks. 

If you do decide to stain the brick, just know that it will need to be thoroughly cleaned beforehand, and that it might take a few applications to achieve the desired brick color. 


Whether you decide to paint or stain brick is up to you. It really depends on what type of look you want to achieve. Always go with what is best for your own home style and what works for your budget, taking into consideration the prep and long-term maintenance your brick work will require. Thanks to your ‘brick supplier near me’, Cherokee Brick has provided you with the pros and cons of both painting brick and staining brick and we hope it helps you decide what option to go with to ensure your brick always looks its best!

Unlike other brick manufacturers, we are not restricted by our capabilities here at Cherokee Brick. Our company has the ability to create custom brick color, finishes, shapes, and sizes. 

Examples include Colleges and Universities like LSU (Bengal Blend), the University of Lafayette (Rajun Cajun), UGA (Bulldawg Blend), and many others. We also offer custom shapes for truly unique looks in and around the home or office. With Cherokee Brick, we really can make your vision a reality. 

If you are in need of brick, looking for bricks for sale, or need any advice when it comes to brick, call or contact the best “brick supplier near me!”

Have you ever painted or stained brick? How did your brick project turn out? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to see your projects!